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Everything you need to know about Malaysia eVisas

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About Malaysia

A stunning part of South-East Asia, Malaysia is full of wondrous sights and fascinating places to explore. Visit the capital, Kuala Lumpur, home of the famous Petronas Towers and the Batu Caves. Dive into the azure blue waters on the east coast or laze on the dazzling beaches of any of the country’s tropical islands. Go into the countryside and tour the verdant tea plantations and stunning UNESCO World Heritage national parks with majestic mountains and mystical jungles. Everything about Malaysia is just out of this world. 

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About eVisas

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If you are planning on visiting Malaysia many nationalities enjoy visa-free entry to the country for a specific number of days. However, certain nationalities DO need a visa to be able to enter the country. You can apply for a standard visa at the Malaysian Embassy in the country where you live, but to make things easier you have the option of applying for an eVisa which can be applied for online. This means there is no need to visit an Embassy or Consulate in person.

eVisas are valid for a period of 3 months from when it is issued, so you must enter Malaysia within that timescale. Once you are in the country, you are allowed to stay for a maximum of 30 days.

Malaysia eVisa eligibility

If you are a national of the following countries, you are eligible to apply for a Malaysia eVisa:

  • China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia, Montenegro

You can apply from anywhere in the world, except Malaysia and Singapore. 

Types of eVisas

Generally, you can apply for an eVisa for the purposes of tourism, student, and expatriate and there are 2 types of eVisas available. They are:

  1. 30 days single entry
  2. 30 days multiple entry

Both of these visas can be applied for online and the one you apply for will depend on how many times you wish to enter the country within 30 days. However, there are rules regarding how many times you can enter depending on why you wish to travel to Malaysia.

  • Tourist – single entry only for a maximum of 30 days (unless you are an Indian national, in which case you can choose single or multiple entry)
  • Student – single entry only for a maximum of 30 days (you must apply for a long-term pass once you get to Malaysia)
  • Expatriate – single entry only for a maximum of 30 days (you must apply for a long-term pass once you get to Malaysia)

See the official website for information regarding this. 

A third type of eVISA is available for holders of Indian and Chinese passports. This is called an eNTRI – Electronic Travel Registration & Information. This kind of eVisa allows entry into Malaysia for a maximum of 15 days and it can be used only once. It is only suitable to those nationals who want to visit Malaysia for tourism purposes. 

Please note, with effect from 1st January 2019, applications for eNTRI visas have been temporarily halted. If you wish to apply for this type of visa, you should check the official immigration website for updates regarding this. 

eVisa requirements

When you begin your application for your Malaysian eVisa or eNTRI, you should have the following documents to hand. These will need to be scanned and uploaded with your application:

  • Passport front page (like the sample shown on the website)
  • Confirmed return flight booking
  • Birth certificate (minors)


What is an eVisa?

An eVisa is an electronic visa for Malaysia that you can apply for online. There is no need to visit any Embassy or consulate in person. You can stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 30 days on this type of visa. 

What is an eNTRI?

An eNTRI is an electronic visa for Malaysia that you can apply for online. It is ONLY available to holders of Chinese and Indian passports. You can enter Malaysia for a maximum of 15 days for tourist reasons only. 

How long does it take for the application to be approved? 

You will receive a decision about your eVisa application within 48 hours. 

How long can I stay in Malaysia?

You are entitled to stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 15 or 30 days depending on the type of eVisa you have applied for.

My eVisa/eNTRI was approved on 1st January 2019. Will it be valid when I enter Malaysia on 17th April?

No. Once your eVisa/eNTRI is approved, it remains valid for 3 months, so you should enter Malaysia before 1st April 2019.

I come from the US, do I need an eVisa?

No. US nationals are entitled to visa-free entry to Malaysia for 90 days.

Can I extend my eVisa after 30 days in Malaysia?

No extensions are allowed. You must leave the country within 30 days.

How long before my trip should I apply?

It’s advisable to apply at least 2 weeks prior to your intended departure date.

Do I need to print my eVisa/eNTRI once it is approved?

Yes, you must print the eVisa/eNTRI because you will need to present it at the Malaysian entry checkpoint.

How much does the eVisa cost?

The current fees for eVisas are:

Type of VisaFee in Malaysian RinggitFee in USD
Malaysia 30 days single entry23457
Malaysia 30 days multiple entry26364
Malaysia eNTRI 15 days single entry16440


What documents do I need when I enter Malaysia?

You need:

  • eVisa/eNTRI print out
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation

If my eNTRI application is refused can I re-apply straight away?

No. You have to wait for 3 months before applying again

Applying for a Malaysian eVisa or eNTRI visa

Applying for a Malaysian eVisa or eNTRI visa is easy and there 2 ways you can apply. 

The first is to use the official immigration site for Malaysia:

Click on: “Apply online” and then “I’m new” to register and then you’ll be able to log in:

Once you have lodged your eVisa application you can check the status of it. Go to the immigration website and click on: “Check eVisa/eNTRI authenticity”:

Enter the requested details and the system will tell you the up to date position of your application:

The second option is to use an agency. This is a great option if you are looking for someone to handle your application for you. There are just 3 easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select the eVisa you want to apply for 

Step 3: Fill in the requested information

Step 4: Pay the fee

Once you have completed your application you will receive confirmation by email. You can then download your eVisa or eNTRI visa ready for traveling to Malaysia. 

The choice of how you apply is up to you, but there are benefits to applying through an agent

  • We make all the travel bookings you need for your eVisa application, so there is no need to worry about losing money on flight or hotel reservations if your visa is not accepted
  • Once you have provided us with your passport, we do the rest for you
  • If you have any questions regarding how the application process works, someone will be on hand to guide you from start to finish

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do use an official website to obtain your visa. Use either or
  • Do speak to the agent or use the chat function on the immigration website before applying for a visa if you have any doubts
  • Don’t use any website that has an address ending in .com. is a fake official website and should be avoided. The official site is
  • Don’t pay any more than INR2800, INR3000, or INR4000 based on which type of visa you are applying for. Companies that charge INR8000 should be avoided


All in all, a very simple process. You can choose to apply directly on the Malaysian Immigration site or by using



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